Linda Forys, Owner
Linda Forys, Owner

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Bottom Line Accounting Philosophy

My philosophy has been and is to develop a high quality of transparent information that enables businesses and individuals to make smart, educated business decisions.  To fulfill these obligations, I first determine the special needs of the business/individual I am working for.  The key role for me as an Accountant, Bookkeeper or Tax Preparer is to be ethical, legal, honest, fair, truthful and trustworthy.

My understanding of an Accountant's role is to be trusted to provide the knowledge in which financial/managerial decisions can be based, providing clear financial statements as guidelines.  The principals need information regarding the resources of the business, not only to assess the business's prospects for future cash inflows, but to also show how effectively and efficiently management has discharged their responsibilities to use the business's existing resources.  Accounting provides the understanding of the reasoning behind all decisions.

In the 29+ years of owning Bottom Line Accounting, my clients have become like family.  I go over and above to achieve the best Bottom Line that is available to them.

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Linda Forys
Owner, Bottom Line Accounting